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Home Insurance

Reliable Property & Home Insurance in Edmonton

The importance of a home can’t be understated. It's where you spend your time away from work and where you and your family make memories together. It also represents one of your family’s biggest investments. Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. takes pride in protecting your home and belongings while giving you and your loved ones peace of mind with comprehensive home insurance in Edmonton. Without it, you're taking a huge risk – one sudden accident or unexpected weather event could have costly and catastrophic results. You'll then be facing this overwhelming situation alone instead of having the coverage a proper policy provides.

We understand that insurance plans can be tricky to navigate, which is why we’re here to answer your questions and concerns in language you can understand. If you’re ready to get started, contact us for a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

How is the Cost of Property Insurance Determined?

The cost of your property insurance in Edmonton typically revolves around how much it would cost to replace your home as well as what items are attached to the policy. It’s important to understand that the policy is not intended to cover market value, but instead the rebuild value, which is often lower. Your policy is a contract covering a pre-determined period of time, and you will pay a premium to the insurer to keep the policy in effect. Keep in mind, however, that your premium will also depend on the likelihood of future damage. For example, if your home is near a flood plain or an older building, you will end up paying a higher amount. This extra coverage probably won't break the bank, but make sure you know risk factors like these before you buy a new home!

Home Insurance in Edmonton – Understanding Your Options

Are you wondering what type of home insurance you need? At Klondike Insurance, we understand there are many options to consider and questions to ask, which is why we are here for you. We can walk you through the process and provide the information you need at every step.

Here are some of the more common options for home insurance in Edmonton:

When it comes to home insurance in Edmonton, there are a range of options to consider. Our skilled staff will guide you through the process in a clear and understandable manner. Here are some of the more common options:

  • Basic Form: Does not include coverage for personal liability, flood and earthquakes
  • Broad Form: Provides coverage for your belongings and adds perils like falling objects and the weight of ice and snow
  • Special Form: Insures your home, attached structures, belongings and personal liability
  • Tenant's Form: Covers the belongings and personal liability of a renter
  • Comprehensive Form: Protects you against a broad range of perils
  • Condo Form: Designed for condo owners and protects their belongings and personal liability
  • Mobile Home Form: Intended for mobile or manufactured homes
  • Older Home Form: Adapted to address concerns for older homes, including historic homes and registered landmarks

As you can see, each policy is specifically designed to meet the needs of the policy holder. We'll work together to make sure you select the right one for you!

Quality Property Insurance for Edmonton Residents

Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. takes pride in offering competitively priced property insurance for Edmonton residents. We offer all risk protection for your home, mobile home and related structures. You can customize your insurance policy to cover household contents and personal property (either broad-named perils or all-risk protection). We also offer personal liability coverage, which provides financial protection in case of bodily injury or property damage sustained by someone else occurs and you or your family members are legally responsible. So, if your aspiring baseball star accidently tosses a ball through your neighbour's window or a guest falls down on your uneven driveway, you can rest a little easier knowing that you have the appropriate insurance coverage.

Personal Insurance

Features of our personal insurance policies include:

  • A new, easier-to-read and understand policy
  • A wide range of discounts
  • Built-in inflation protection
  • Replacement cost contents
  • High special limits of insurance
  • High minimum liability limit
  • Home freezer and food spoilage coverage
  • Credit card and bank card coverage
  • Fire department charges
  • Additional living expenses

Remember, you will choose and customize your home insurance in Edmonton in order to meet your individual needs or those of you and your family members. Other home insurance plan options include:

  • Guaranteed replacement cost on building
  • All risk scheduled items (jewellery, furs, etc.)
  • All risk fine arts
  • All risk coverage for your computer equipment
  • All risk boats and motors
  • Secondary and seasonal residences
  • Discounts for higher deductibles
  • Budget payment
  • Earthquake coverage
  • Increased liability limits
  • Business in the home coverage
  • And a full range of other optional coverage

When you're covered by Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd., you know your most important assets are protected in case of an accident, weather damage or theft. If something unfortunately were to happen to your home, we know nothing can replace your memories, but at least your property insurance will give you a stepping stone to start building new ones. Contact us today to learn more about our home insurance options in Edmonton or make changes to your existing policy. You can also submit an insurance claim with us at any time.

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