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Condo insurance

Keep Your Home Safe with Condo Insurance in Edmonton and All Alberta

At Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. in Edmonton, we offer customizable condo insurance for tenants and unit owners. Our policies give you the liability and damage coverage you need in the event that your condo is affected by theft, fire, flood, or other disasters. Learn more about our policies down below or talk to one of our licensed insurance agents today!

Condominium Unit Owner Policy

Many condo owners are not aware that the contents of their individual unit are not covered under the condominium association’s insurance. In the event of fire and theft, know that you have the right coverage available. Our condominium unit owner policy covers you for:

  • Losses to household contents and personal belongings in the event of fire, theft, or flood 
  • Private dwelling unit improvements in the event that you renovate the interior of your condo
  • Personal liability in the event that someone gets injured while in your home or if you unintentionally hurt someone or damage their property

Plus, our policy provides coverage for special assessments due to insured damage or liability arising out of common areas caused by a shortfall in the corporation’s policy. It also provides additional protection for your unit in the event of inadequate building insurance.


Tenant Policy

At Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd., we provide tenant policies which cover losses to household contents, personal property, private dwelling unit improvements, and personal liability. The insurance provided by the condominium association’s insurance or your landlord does not protect any of your personal belongings or contents within your rented condo. For a low price, get the reassurance you need in the event that the condo suffers from any damage. A few payments a year can mean significant savings if you ever suffer a loss.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Condo Insurance

After a fire, flood, or theft has occurred, it is often hard to provide a detailed and accurate list of your belongings. Keeping a comprehensive list of your condo’s current contents can help us give you the best coverage possible after you’ve suffered a loss. This can include everything from your main electronics to your hiking gear stored in the back closet.

Note the makes and models as well as the age of your items when you can. These details help us determine depreciation and replacement values. It is important to keep your list accurate by updating your list annually. Keep your list in a safe place such as a safety deposit box or through cloud/online storage where you can easily access it after damage to your condo has occurred.


Get Condo Insurance for Your Edmonton Condo Today

Get the reassurance you need for your Edmonton home with condo insurance from Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to keep your property investment safe or a tenant taking necessary precautions to their belongings, our unit owner and tenant policies have all the necessary coverage. Contact one of our licensed insurance agents to learn more about what our policies can do for you or to set up an appointment today.

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