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Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. Testimonials

Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. was established in 1961 and has a rich history of more than six decades in the Alberta insurance sector. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and meticulous attention to detail has been the cornerstone of our business. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch insurance solutions to our valued clients.


See what past clients of Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. have to say about their personal service experiences. Our client-focused professionals are here to help answer all of your insurance questions, so if you are interested in learning more about coverage options, please contact us.

Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society

We are featured this month in the Corporate Member Highlight! Read what the AMSS has to say about Klondike Insurance below.


"From day one without any questions, Klondike Insurance has been by our side and we are grateful for this longstanding partnership. Klondike is one of Alberta's top motorcycle insurance brokers, able to get you the best rates possible. They even added in a bonus discount for those who sign up to become AMSS members!

Don't stop at just motorcycles though, Klondike can do it all from automobiles, vacation packages, boats, property and more. Help them help you protect your cherished assets." 

Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society
Client give rating to service experience on online application


"Thanks Terry (K97 Radio) keep pitching Klondike.  I called yesterday and now saving upwards of $550 year."



Responsive and Knowledgeable Broker

“I have been a customer with Klondike Insurance for several years. Maria has been helping me for several years, as well as some friends and family, with insurance concerns.

I must say that I find her to be a very personable, down to earth individual who really takes the time to listen and understand my concerns regarding insurance. Maria is very responsive, despite the work load I alone must create for her with broken down cars and requests for insurance quotes on possible replacements. She is always so damn positive while assuring me that she is “happy” to help and seek the best rate. She offers me great advice and reminds me to check in with her every year. 

I don’t know that people understand how important it is to have a responsive and knowledgeable broker help you when you are already stressed out about car shopping, losing thousands on a vehicle that broke down, renting a vehicle and dealing with dealerships. She handled my latest purchase with amazing speed and kindness and I want you to know that she is very much appreciate by my family and I.”



Very Efficient

"I gotta say you are great at your job, very efficient with responding and you pull through for your clients. I greatly appreciated all your help today. Couldn't have done this without your help, we did it!"



Prompt, Responsive and Very Patient

“Just a quick note to say thanks to you and your team for the great service we’ve received over the last decade or more. At a time when “customer service” infers a far-off call centre, it is refreshing to have someone who knows your name on the other end of the phone. Les Kasha in particular has always gone above & beyond in a seemingly tireless quest to help us navigate the ever-changing insurance landscape of today’s economy. He continues to be prompt, responsive and very patient in answering questions and explaining my options, despite sometimes putting in a longer day to do so. We appreciate your team’s dedication and look forward to when we can once again stop in & say hi but in the meantime, thanks and stay safe.”


–Bryan & Tamara R.

Very Happy Loyal Customer


“Thank you!!! You have no idea how much I love having a real person to talk to when I call. As long as you guys do this I will remain your very happy loyal customer. Klondike insurance is the best!!!"

- Jon G.

Excellent Service

Please pass along my sincere appreciation for your excellent service. I spoke to a number of companies today and a number of sales reps and Candace was the best by a mile! Fast, precise, polite, and courteous."

I Appreciate It. Thank You.

"You add a wonderful "human factor" to dealing with insurance which is really unheard of these days."

-Wade S.

Gold Star Rating

“I would like to extend a massive positive review from my experience with Sharvell as she just hooked me up with the insurance for my new bike.

I normally hate dealing with insurance companies and my current auto provider upped my rate this year. Sharvell not only walked me through the process of getting the bike insurance with a specific company quickly but she also answered random sporadic questions that she definitely did not have too. That, along with me responding randomly throughout the day when I was able to, made it a very relaxed experience, considering I'm picking the bike up and leaving for Mexico the next day.

Having her deal with me while being angry with my current provider was a massive help as I was in a poor mindset. She gave me great advice, got me a great rate on my bike quickly, and gave me great service.


I don’t know if you do anything for really good agents at your company, but if you do, she has my gold star rating and I will be recommending her to anyone and everyone who asks me who to go to for insurance.”


-Dylan W.

Understanding and Friendly

“Hi: I was just confirming that you received my fax regarding the insurance for a used car we just purchased. Also I want to thank Klondike for all the help you have given us over the years. We had our Lancer insured by Wawanesa and as you know that it was written off. The dealing with both Klondike and Wawanesa has be great. Everyone at Klondike that we dealt with were so nice, understanding and friendly that I just wanted to let you know it was appreciated. The claims person at Wawanesa was Krsytal Cook and she has been so helpful. Everything ran so smooth and she was very polite and efficient. She also answered many questions I had and never was short or rude. I'm so glad that I deal with staff at Klondike from the first call to the receptionist to the agent, they were great. Again I want to thank everyone at Klondike!!!!!!!!”


–Helen W.

Saved Over 50%

"I have to say how much I appreciate Klondike and the customer service they provide. By switching over to them, I saved over 50% for FULL coverage on my bike.

Not only that, I was hit last year in the U.S. and they made dealing with the claim less stressful.

And last but not certainly not least, the way they support our biker community ROCKS! I am running a Motorcycle Rally for women this coming August and they have really stepped up to support us! Patti, you and your team ROCK!!! Thank you for all that you do and your support to help make our event a success, and your continuous support for the biking community!!"


–Nicole W.

Thumbs Up

"Just wanted to let you know I had a great experience with Dave. I'll keep it short and simple, thumbs up."


–Curtis B.

Good Job, Everyone!

"Empire did a fantastic job on my car and it was ready for pick up the next day.  I have a lifelong warranty on the work.  The car has been returned to Enterprise.  All in all, I am very satisfied with all the help I have received, including  from you, and want to thank Wawanesa, and my agency, Klondike Insurance, owned by Patti Bligh ."


Good job, everyone!"


–Sue T.

Will Come Back

"Thank you very much. When I return from my studies, I will come back to this company as it was a great experience."

–Tim W.

So Helpful and Understanding

"Oh geez- thank you so much- I was so worried about this.  I just want you ladies to know that I do really appreciate dealing with you on  all of our stuff- you are so helpful and understanding.  Have a great weekend!!  No rush on getting the costs to me as long as they are covered."


–Judy H.

Very Hands-on & Responsive to Issues

“Shop around as always, however you might want to contact Klondike Insurance. The owner is Patti Bligh. She tends to be very hands on and is responsive to issues. I've used Klondike for my car and motorcycle insurance for a number of years.”


Always Great

I second Klondike.

“I’ve been with Klondike for over 15 years. They’ve always been great no matter if I made a claim, was looking for quotes or anything else.”


Used Them for Years Now

“ I third Klondike! I’ve used them for years and even after hunting around and getting different quotes elsewhere they’ve always found me rates significantly lower than anywhere else.”


Thank You So Much

“Just wanted to send you a quick note regarding Maria.  Way too often we hear from unhappy customers but seldom are told about the positive experiences and people that have made a difference no matter how big or small.

When I first joined Klondike it was for my motorbike insurance. Maria was the person I was transferred to and so started my new insurance company experience! I have been dealing with Maria for quite a few years and have always had incredible experiences with her. She is so knowledgeable and personable! She has taught me so much I didn't know about so many aspects of insurance and has made me feel so much more comfortable and knowledgeable. Because of her I will be transferring my full coverage vehicle insurance as well as my tenant insurance when my current policy expires in April !  People take insurance for granted until they have an accident!!  With Maria, I have zero stress as I know, if I am ever unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, that she will look after me like no other company would.

My son just turned 18 on Tuesday and just bought his first car (little beater but it's his lol). So I contacted Maria to do up his very first insurance policy!  She has made the whole experience stress free and very enjoyable. She spoke with my son on the phone today for the first time to get some info and this is what my son said when he called me at work after his call with Maria...  "Mom, she's SO nice, where did you find her"!!!  He went on to tell me about the tips and advice she gave him and he said he was so happy she took the time to do that l!

That meant so much to me! He is young and just starting out in life, he was nervous and had no idea what to expect. Because of Maria, he is going into his first insurance experience the way everyone should and with way more knowledge about the driving world!

Klondike is very blessed to have such an amazing woman on their team!  I will be telling everyone I know to check her out at Klondike Insurance!!

Thank you so much Maria for making us feel like we are the most important clients you have, I have no doubt everyone you deal with feels the same :)”

–Sherry McMullin


I can not thank you enough for the outstanding service! I text Liane and let her know that everything everyone says about you is absolutely true."



Great People


"I wanted to shoot you a little message about one of your employees, Janet Belanger. I called in to Klondike insurance and asked Janet if she could get a pink card over to me for a new policy on my Harley Davidson. Now I know you all are busy but Janet jumped into action, requested a few things and that pink slip was e-mailed over to me. She even gave me a few options about the different way to pay for my insurance. It is great to know that there are great people that are still in the work force and not just out to gouge people. Janet had made my day!!"


– Darren

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