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Keep Your Belongings Safe with Tenant Insurance in Edmonton and All Alberta

At Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. in Edmonton, we offer customizable tenant insurance for those living in rental properties. Tenant insurance protects your personal property from theft and damage and can also include personal liability coverage. Renters nowadays are often required to have some form of tenant insurance, but even if it is not a requirement at your apartment complex or rental property, it may be wise to keep your personal belongings covered. To see how tenant insurance can protect you as a renter, keep on reading or give one of our licensed insurance agents a call.

About Tenant Insurance

Did you know that your landlord’s insurance only protects the property and does not cover anything belonging to you? If your belongings are damaged, stolen, or destroyed, tenant insurance will give you the necessary coverage to reinstate your items.

Your tenant insurance will also protect you in the event that someone gets injured while at your home or if you unintentionally hurt someone or do damage to someone’s property. This includes the building where you currently live. Tenant insurance provides basic liability insurance similar to that included in a home insurance policy.

Tenant insurance is invaluable even to those who are renting on a temporary basis. Emergencies could happen at any time while you are not protected. Coverage is also available for those who are renting out a single room in a house. If you require any extra insurance for your high-value items, such as jewellery or electronics, be sure to tell your insurance agent.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Tenant Insurance

If you end up suffering from damages, having a complete inventory of your current belongings can make your claim a lot more manageable. Making a list can also help you determine how much coverage you will require based on the value of your belongings.

To make your inventory list, make sure you walk through every room of your house including any outdoor spaces such as a patio or garage. For each item, note the made and model, the age, and how much you paid for it. Keep any receipts and warranties of large purchased items.

To document your inventory, store your list in a safe zone such as a safety deposit box or online in a cloud storage drive. Taking photos of individual items or rooms can also help. Update this list every year to ensure it remains accurate and that your current policy is giving you enough coverage.


Get Tenant Insurance for Your Edmonton Home Today

If you are looking for a particular level of protection, or if you are shopping around for the best deal, give Klondike Insurance a call. When you work with us, a licensed insurance agent will guide you through all your questions and concerns to make sure that you fully understand your policy. We know that everyone requires different levels of coverage and offer tenant package insurance that can be adjusted to your specific needs. For tenant insurance in Edmonton, trust the team at Klondike Insurance!

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