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Home Insurance FAQ

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Home insurance in Edmonton protects not only one of your biggest investments but the place where you spend time with your family and where all of your memories are kept. Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. provides home insurance in Edmonton to protect you against unexpected accidents and weather events. We understand that many people have questions about home insurance, and we've created this quick guide to answer some of the more common ones.

Q: What does home insurance in Edmonton cover?

A: In its most basic form, home insurance covers the physical structure of the home against covered perils and damages. Broad form home insurance takes this a step further and provides coverage for added perils as well as for your belongings. Special form insurance is the most comprehensive, providing protection for structure, outbuilding, contents, additional living expenses and personal liability. Personal liability covers you in the event that a visitor to your home sustains bodily injury or property damage.

Q: How much home insurance do I need?

A: The amount of coverage you need your home insurance in Edmonton to provide will depend on the value of your home's physical structure and your belongings. Your home's physical structure should be covered for as much as it would cost to rebuild it. To determine the value of your belongings and of how much it would cost to replace them, it is important to take an accurate inventory.

Q: Do I need home insurance if I own a condo?

A: If you own a condo, then you likely won't need a policy that covers the outer structure of the building. Condo owners are better served with a special type of Edmonton home insurance known as condominium insurance. Condo insurance is designed to cover your personal belongings and personal liability. Additional coverage may be purchased for areas where your condo board policy may be lacking.

Q: Do I need home insurance if I am a renter?

A: If you are a renter, then you'll be best served with tenant package insurance. This type of insurance is designed to protect your personal belongings. You can add personal liability coverage to your tenant insurance as well.

Q: How can I reduce my home insurance premiums?

A: You'll typically be able to lower your Edmonton home insurance premiums if you take some steps to increase the security of your home. A lower risk of a break-in or an accident will lower your perceived insurance risk as well. Adding a home security system and a monitored fire alarm system is a great place to start.

Home Insurance in Edmonton You Can Rely On

If you have any more questions about home insurance in Edmonton, then the insurance brokers at Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. will be more than happy to answer them. We offer customized and competitively priced Edmonton home insurance for home and condo owners. Protect your home, your belongings, and your finances with one of our many plans.

For more information on home insurance in Edmonton, just contact Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. today.


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