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Protecting Your Edmonton Business with Commercial Insurance

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Operating a business comes with many risks. The best way to protect all of the hard work that you have put into growing your business is with the right commercial insurance in Edmonton. The insurance professionals at Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. are here to help make sure you understand your business insurance needs.

Reduce Your Risk and Do Business with Confidence 

In order to run a successful business, you need to protect your assets, your people, and your reputation. Choosing an Edmonton commercial insurance policy that offers you the right level of protection will allow you to focus your time and energy on running and growing your business. You'll be able to pursue new business ventures with confidence and without leaving other aspects of your business vulnerable.

Common Types of Commercial Insurance Coverage

Commercial insurance coverage for Edmonton businesses is designed to protect different aspects of business operations. Among the most common types of coverage are:

• Business property insurance: Property damage can significantly hinder business operations and can be expensive to fix. Property insurance will provide you with monetary protection and help you get back up and running.

• Business contents insurance: Protecting the contents of your business, including inventory and office or warehouse supplies, against theft or damage is important for both peace of mind and financial security.

• Liability insurance: Business operations and the supply of goods and services open you up to a variety of liability claims. Liability insurance provides protection against legal expenses arising from these claims.

• Business interruption insurance: While other types of insurance cover the cost of named perils, business interruption insurance covers the loss of income a business may incur from not being able to operate as normal.

• Commercial auto insurance: Any business that operates a vehicle fleet requires commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto coverage will cover both physical vehicle damage and property or bodily damage resulting from an accident.

A good commercial insurance policy will protect you from the major risks of doing business with additional optional coverage as well.

Additional Types of Coverage to Consider

Every business operates under different risks, which means that their insurance needs will be different as well. When looking for commercial insurance in Edmonton, you'll want to consider optional types of coverage such as:

• Earthquake, flood, and sewer back-up insurance 

• Accounts receivable insurance 

• Machinery insurance 

• Valuable documents insurance 

• Electronic data processing insurance 

• Landlord liability protection

The best way to discover what types of additional insurance coverage your business should have is to speak to an experienced Edmonton commercial insurance professional. They can go over your business' unique needs and suggest the most affordable ways to cover all of your risks.

Commercial Insurance in Edmonton Tailored to Your Needs

Don't leave your business open to costly risks. At Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd., we provide effective and affordable commercial insurance solutions in Edmonton. We specialize in hard to place insurance, contractor's packages, retailer's packages, commercial vehicle insurance, and more.

To find the right commercial insurance for your Edmonton business, just contact Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. today.


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